Sunday, August 06, 2006

Royal Manx Agricultural Show

It's that time of the year again. The Royal Manx Agricultural Show will be held next weekend - Friday 11th August to Sunday 13th August.

Well, this year will be my first entry into the Agricultural Show and I hope to enter a few classes in the Arts & Crafts Section. Naturally, I shall be entering the Felting class. I am also hoping to enter the Liesel scarf in the Handknitting class, if I can get it finished on time that is. I was also considering entering a couple of the flower fairies into the 'Any other' class. Maybe I should enter some of the miniature knits, hmmm??? I've never staged anything at a show before so god knows how I am going to do this. Any suggestions?

Little Miss CB hopes to enter her crochet Amigurumi toy in the junior classes. Funnily enough, there isn't a crochet class for kids, only knitting, so she will have to enter the 'Any other' class. Maybe we'll start a children's crochet revolution here on the Isle of Man! She's getting ambitious now and is even thinking of entering some of her drawings in the 'Drawing - colour work' classes.

It should be fun. We'll share our entries with you all soon.

Happy weekend!

Information about the Show: All entries for the Arts and Crafts Section will be judged on Friday 11th August and all exhibits are to be on the showfield by 8pm on Thursday 10th August. The organisers ask that Arts & Crafts exhibits are 'staged' between 6pm & 8pm on Thursday eve.


Piglottie said...

Good luck Bernie and little CB! Sorry have no tips re show presentation but I'm sure you will do just fine. Make sure to take lots of pics for us all to see.

Laura said...

Best of luck with your entries, Bernie. :)

Thanks for the info about deleting one's blog....not a good idea, who knew...but now I do! Can't wait to see what changes you make.