Tuesday, September 26, 2006

English Garden Bag: Back on the Menu!

Yay. The English Garden Bag is back on the menu!

Remember, I found it in July, fell in love, bought some wool, got disheartened with my choice, frogged my work and promptly dumped this one on the 'to do' pile. Well the challenge for the October Bag KAL has been set. We will be working on the English Garden Bag by Crystal Palace Yarns.

The bag is made with two strands of yarn held together: CPY Taos (which is a striated yarn) and CPY Aran in contrasting colours. Now, the only real problem I have is that I couldn't find the recommended yarn for the project. So I will be improvising. And as it is 3 months since I last considered this project, I'm confident (ish) that I can figure out a decent colour combo.

I really like the reddish tones in the new version of this bag (to the left) so I will probably work along these lines. However until the yarn is in the bag, so to speak, anything can happen.

PS Crystal Palace Yarns has a blog now. The moderator is Angela and she is very helpful. Especially if you have any questions re their projects or yarn. Enjoy!


HPNY Knits said...

this is a worthy endeavour !! I have been eyeing the Taos yarn for a while now, not really sure for what... its just lovely.
maybe find it online, eBay?

AR said...

Lovely bag! Felted bags are one of my favorite things to knit.