Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We're back & we're knackered!

Gosh where to begin - last week was an incredibly long week. First of all Mr CB got called unexpectedly to his London office on Tuesday as the server in the office had died. He was due to return to the IOM on Wednesday afternoon but there was an 'incident' at Luton Airport and all flights were suspended. Ordinarily he would have checked into a hotel for the night and got the next flight home in the morning. But as we were travelling to Ireland the next day he had to get home asap.

Luckily he didn' t have to wait too long to retrieve his luggage from the airport so he could begin to make his own way home. He met up with somebody else who was going to the Isle of Man and they rented a car and drove all the way up to Blackpool, where they spent the night in a hotel and subsequently got the first flight to the island on Thursday morning.

So having arrived back on the Island, Mr CB had a few hours to turn around. But then another glitch in the Bevan family travel plans. Mr CB's suit and shirts were in the cleaners which unfortunately closed early for a half day on Thursdays! Who knew? With limited time and limited attire, we set off for the airport.

The flight to Dublin was fine and on time. We arrived in Dublin safely and promptly.... to the throngs of Ryder Cup visitors. Yes, my uncle had to chose the day the Ryder Cup came to Ireland to get married!

After a long walk from the terminal to the car depot (thankfully Mr CB had booked a car as we got the last one from our car hire firm), we set off on the road to Kells. One and a half hours later we arrived at our destination and had a lovely evening meal with my brother and his family. We checked into our B&B which was very comfortable.

The day of the wedding was not going to be straightforward. We figured that based on the previous days journey, 1 and a half hours would be more than enough to drive from Kells to Dublin for the wedding at the Registry Office in the city centre. Boy were we lured into a false sense of security. And due to very heavy traffic we missed the ceremony!!! Just as we were finally closing in on the registry office my brother texted me and said they were done! ARGH!!!

So we just did an about turn and drove all the way back down to Kells. Three hours later we were back where we started. Then came the waiting in the hotel for the wedding party to arrive from Dublin. Y'see, they got caught in traffic on the way out of Dublin down to Kells and were 2 hours late getting to the hotel. All that aside, the reception was great craic! It was lovely catching up with the family. And my brother's kids get on great with Little Miss CB so that was a lovely sight too!

We had an extra day in Kells after everybody left so we thought we would make the most of it as it fell on our 10th wedding anniversary. However, we should have realised that it was not to work out as planned. Especially when you consider how the previous few days had worked out. I got up with Katie and went down to breakfast - we ate with my cousins and had a bit of a laugh over the full Irish Breakfast and some lovely tea & toast.

It was so warm and sunny in Ireland. So much so my head began to hurt as the sun reflecting off the white houses opposite the B&B was blinding. Next thing my head began to thump. I was getting a migraine. I wish I could say that it was due to the party the night before but no. I didn't even drink that much. It must have been the tiredness. For once in my life I didn't pack a single headache pill. Nothing. Normally we have a whole first aid kit but I had nothing. Up to bed I went: with the curtains pulled and a damp cloth over my eyes I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.

Then my glasses frame snapped. One headache + no glasses = a really bad headache. So, Mr CB and Little Miss CB set off together to get my glasses fixed in the nearest town and they spent our lovely 10th wedding anniversary together. I spent it alone in my bed. Boo Hoo! However, I did feel better that evening and we had a nice meal in the hotel up the road - myself, Mr CB and the little one. It was really nice. And we had a sensibly early night.

Now, you would think that after ALL this, nothing else could possibly be cause for annoyance. But you would be wrong! We slept ok Saturday night and had yet another lovely breakfast on Sunday morning. We packed and left for the airport in good time. However, when we got to the airport, there was a huge delay on our flight back to the Isle of Man. Oh Yes. Life was beginning to hurt just a little bit.

But as I mentioned before, Mr CB is a very resourceful traveller and he managed to get us on the earlier flight to the Isle of Man which was also delayed but due to depart at the time ours should have done - if that makes sense. So we got home in good time. It turned out that the flight we should have been on didn't get in til after 9pm Sunday night. Boy am I glad I've got Mr CB as a travel companion. He's the best.

We're a bunch of tired bunnies at the moment. Mr CB looks like he has craters for eyes and I'm like a puffy puff ball. Little Miss CB isn't much better but a few early nights and all should be right as rain.

Phew. That must be the longest rant ever on my blog. It's a record. Do I get a prize? Nope. Didn't think so! Lol.

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AR said...

Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation! Happy (late) anniversary, though!