Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September Bag KAL: Finished!

Here are some pictures of the finished crochet bag from the September Bag KAL. Although the challenge was to knit a bag with some colourwork and felt it, I decided to crochet mine using 'Tapestry Crochet'. As I've mentioned a lot lately, this is a technique I learned from Debbie Stoller's SnB Happy Hooker book.

The bag is simply two crochet squares with a basic flower chart worked in.

I really enjoyed the colour work and wouldn't mind doing more again in either a knitting or a crochet project! It did take me a long time to chart out properly but once that side was done, the rest was easy.

I was surprised how differently the crochet bag felted compared to the knit bags I have made. It seemed to lose more width than height, which I have found is the norm when I felt my knit bags. Must be something to do with the way the stitches are constructed. The bag started out as 9.5 square and lost about 2" from the height and 3" from the width. The strap was 59" before felting and 50" after.

I didn't have anybody in mind when making the bag but I made it in Miss CB's favourite colours in case she fancied it when it was finished. And she likes it. She was all 'oooh' and 'wow' when she saw the flower pattern appear.

The strap is long enough for her to carry the bag across her body, keeping her hands free for the things that 9 year old girls need to do. Hope you all like it.

Enjoy! X Bernie X


AR said...

That is so cute. My 7yr old would love one like that, but she has so many knitted and crochet(ed) bags, that I'd better not let her see this! If she did she'd be begging me to make her one. LOL.
So, the Happy Hooker book is good? My sister crochets a lot, and it might make a good holiday gift for her.

Stephanie said...

Super cute! I think a couple girls I know may be a cute felted crochet bag for Christmas --- thanks for the inspiration!

A few years ago, I crocheted a purse and my mother worked on the knit version of the pattern. I totally agree with you, the felting process produces different results...both of which are fantastic!

Linda said...

Your bag is AWESOME !
I love the colours and the flower design :-)