Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pumpkin Costume Part III

Thanks for the nice comments re the pumpkin costume. It was fun to make. Madam likes dressing up but hates facepaint so this was perfect for her.

Unfortunately she didn't have such a great time at the party. Somebody tripped her up and she twisted her knee. So she wasn't a happy bunny when she came home. At least she's got something to wear on Halloween so that's taken care of.

Isn't crafting fun! Now I just need to clean up the mess I made. Must think positive. Crafting good. Housework evil. Crafting good. Housework evil. Crafting good. Housework evil.


AR said...

Too bad about Lil' CB's knee. Hope it's all better really soon! :)

Ann said...

Sorry she had a not-so-great time!
I think I often repeat the "Crafting good. Housework evil." chant/mantra/protest slogan myself.
If I could only find some house elves to do the housework for me.