Friday, October 27, 2006

Pumpkin Costume Part II

So here it is. The finished costume.
This is what Little Miss CB wanted and this is what she got: no facepaint and certainly nothing too 'girly'.
Although I did squeeze in as much glitter glue as I could (hehehe!). Well a mother's gotta try!
Thank God for Glue Guns! It took me less than 10 mins to attach all the leaves and flowers to the headband.

She's happy. I'm knackered. Time to put my feet up and knit, while she parties the next hour away! I swear she has a better social life than I have, harumph! :(

Enjoy the piccies.

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AR said...

What an awesome costume! She looks great. I love crafty stuff!! Whoo-Hoo!

Linda said...

I hope that Little Miss CB had fun!!
...her costume looks awesome!!..and I love the headband :-)

alliesw said...

Wow, what a costume, you ARE talented! Hope you got some knitting time in too!

Piglottie said...

Its wonderful! Little MissB looks so cool.