Saturday, November 18, 2006

Chemo caps

A few weeks ago I was talking about National Knitting Week and CSV 'Knit your community together' day, and the possibility of making baby blankets for the baby unit at the hospital here on the Isle of Man.

Someone I met on a UK knitting forum was taking care of the baby blanket side of things, so I decided it would be worthwhile investigating other areas or departments in the hospital that might need or appreciated some knit/crochet garments.

It turns out there's a need for chemo caps for ladies. At the moment, they are limited to velour or turban style caps which aren't necessarily that appealing to some women. So, I'm going to organise a few samples and send them to the hospital.

I don't yet know how many will be needed, whether it will be an ongoing project or a one off and whether it will become a group effort rather than an individual simply making a handful of caps. Whatever happens, it should be a positive experience for everyone involved!

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Rox said...

If it becomes a group effort... sign me up. Whatever I can do to help - sounds like a wonderful cause. Hugs....