Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Innocent Drinks & Age Concern

I crochet these little hats for the Innocent Drinks Supergran 2006 campaign.

Every winter, Innocent Drinks raise money for charities that help elderly people stay warm during the winter. Lots of little woolly hats are knit (or crochet) and stuck on their smoothie bottles. For every behatted bottle sold, 50p is donated to their chosen charity Age Concern.

The behatted bottles will be sold in EAT cafés or Sainsbury's between the end of November and Christmas 2006

To view more pics of little woolly hats visit the Supergran 2006 Flickr Pool.


AR said...

They're so cute! I'm going to check out your links, but what are smoothie bottles? I don't know if it's the same thing here.

AR said...

Oh, Duh, Arleta! Fruit smoothies! hehe. Yeah, we have those here.

Those Innocent ones look especially yummy!

Jae said...

How cute! What a great way to generate money for a cause!