Saturday, November 11, 2006

Grandma Purl's blanket - squares received!

Well it appears my two squares arrived safely in the States. Amazing. Considering I only posted them on Monday!

I think the Air Mail service between the UK and the States is way more efficient than the Air Mail service between the UK and Spain! I've sent many letters to my parents in Spain and they've taken weeks to arrive. Wierd.

I'm logging off now. I have 3 girls (my one plus two friends) having a sleep stay over. Three young girls high on sugar and life. Groan!


Bagpuss said...

Ouch! I think a long hot soak in a lavender bath will be called for tomorrow after the guest habe gone. Have fun!

Sharon said...

Have fun with those sugar fuelled girls, you know if you can't beat em join em ;)

Yes I am finally getting around to reading everyones blogs!!

AR said...

Hope you had a nice sleep-over, we were at a six yr. old's birthday party with about 30 kids!

Anonymous said...

*LOL* dont even get me started on the postal service.. I'm in the middle of a Sock War and the postal service is really killing alot of us off *yikes*..

As for the sleep over better you than me.. my son is passed out on the couch I really should haul him off to his bed.. but dang I hate to disturb him.