Thursday, November 30, 2006

WIP update, and the rest..

My version of 'crochet me' Sprite doll is finito. Little Miss CB has put in her order for one, custom made to her personal requirements. We are going to discuss it when she gets home from school today - glad she could fit me in to her busy schedule! (lol)

I'm about to cast on for a pair of wristers - I can't make my mind up between Voodoo or Fetching from knitty, or these cabled fingerless gloves from Then there's the crochet 'driving' gloves from the Happy Hooker book (Ladylike Lace Gloves). Hmmmm..... Decisions, decisions, decisions! They're a christmas present so I'd better get a move on. Can you believe it - less than a month to christmas. Argh!

I also have to finish off my first chemo cap for the local hospital. No WIP pictures available yet but I will post one of the finished article.

There are a few bags I would like to make a start on and hopefully get at least one finished by Christmas:

Tasha from Knitty - the pattern calls for Rowan Denim but the Rowan Cotton I've got in my stash should do fine.

Tutti Frutti - from

Raggedy Knit Bag or Trio Knit Tote from Crystal Palace Yarns.

Apart from a drop stitch scarf I want to make for a friend, I'm hoping to make a poncho from the Magna Tapestry Yarn for the family Christmas party for myself. I think it would look nice over a cami top. I'm also secretly hoping it will hide the 'ponch' I've acquired over the last few months. We'll see how that one pans out!

Well, I think that's it on the fibre side of things. Ambition can be a terrible thing.



AR said...

Good luck with all of the gifts. I only have a couple more to make, but we haven't bought a thing!

The patterns you have picked out are all so cute!

I figured Lil' CB would want a sprite doll. It's so cute, I'd better not let Lil' AR see this page, or I'll be figuring out how to make one!

kimberly said...

I'd say go with the cabled fingerless, I'd love to see yours. But then again, I'm a bit biased. ;)
Fetching are gorgeous. I'm like you, I have sooo many things I'd love to start. One thing at a time, or as many needles as possible. :)