Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blogger Beta & Knit1BlogToo

As far as blogging stuff goes, I'm trying to spend a bit of time on Blogger Beta so I can keep the Knit1BlogToo ring running along the same lines when we changeover. Y'see, when I started K1B2, it was a way of sharing everything I learned over the past 6 months on Blogger - much like you knitters out there who share your patterns, techniques and knowledge. I would hate for the ring to be come redundant after all the work put in to it. However, I don't know that much about Blogger Beta - yet. I guess we'll all just have to wait and see what happens.
EDIT 15:39 - I just want to clarify that my concerns are with the content of the Knit1BlogToo Blog. All of the tutorials, How To's and links will basically be out of date or of no use in blogger beta. Having said this, I'm going to work through the blog and learn how to do the same things in blogger beta. That way when we all change over, if you need pointing in the right direction or support, you'll be able to find it (or at least a link to it) on the K1B2 ring. Please don't panic. Our personal blogs will be ok - it's my information on the K1B2 blog that needs to be 'brought up to code', so to speak! :)

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Nora said...

Er, redundant? I'm under the impression that we simply 'change over', no?
Do you think we'll experience problems with our personal blogs or just the group blogs? (Either way, it's tragic)!