Friday, December 01, 2006

Knitting: Voodoo Wristers

I've decided to knit up the Voodoo wristers to start with (sorry Kimberly!). I made very good progress last night. It only took a couple of hours to knit 6" of the first one.

The K2 P2 rib is knitting up faster than expected. I wonder how many pairs I can get in before Christmas??? Bets anyone? Hehehe :)

As you can see I'm using 'KwikKnit' by King Cole and I'm surprisingly happy with this yarn:- the colours and stripes are working up a dream!

And although this is an Acrylic/Wool mix yarn, it's not nasty at all. You know how some acrylics can be scratchy and catch on your skin, well it's not like this. Considering this ball of wool only cost about £2.50 it's a bargain!

I would love to try these wristers in the new Wendy Fusion. Have any of you seen it yet? The colours work up similar to Noro but at about 1/2 the price of a ball of Noro, I'm really looking forward to getting me some!

Off to make breakkie. Have a nice day!

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Bagpuss said...

They are looking great! I have made a few wristwarmers but as yet have not made these but they are on my list - can't wait to see how they look.