Friday, December 01, 2006

Knitting: Voodoo Wristers (finished!)

Here they are! The finished Voodoo Wristers, modelled by the delightful Little Miss CB (it was like having teeth pulled getting her to model them). They're an xmas gift for a very petite cousin so I'm confident they will fit her well. I started them yesterday afternoon and finished them off about an hour ago. Little Miss CB - who's not that keen on pink - likes them too.

For information, I didn't change anything on the original pattern. I even used the same button hole technique as recommended by the designer.

So that's one xmas gift down, 5 more to go. :)

1 comment:

AR said...

Ooh, pretty, pretty! They look great. If you had Lil' AR modeling those, you'd probably never get them back!
Great job.