Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blogger Beta Progress

During one of my 'feeling better moments' this afternoon, I had a little play with my 'Craftybernie_in_beta' blog. I figure that it's best to have a playground to mess about in before I destroy my live blogs, Coming up Blank, Knit1BlogToo and Fairystuff!

My proudest moment came when I finally figured out how to add a button to the blog with a hyperlink to my live sites. How cool is that?

Well, for those of you who have been beta-ing it up with the other experts out there it's probably no biggie, but I was pleased with my little accomplishment.

I'll be blogging more about my beta experiences on the Knit1BlogToo blog where members can either take advantage of my limited knowledge or poke fun at it! So here's to more new experiences on Blogger beta!

EDIT 29.12.06 - I've added a 'how to add a button to beta' on the K1B2 blog. If you want to know how to do it, you can now read about it here.

PS Does anybody actually know how should we be referring to it, now that it has come out of beta?


Nora said...

Well, I'm about to take the plunge tonight. It's just a simple switch over right? Nothin' to it (so to speak)? Right?
God, this is just what I need, y'know, to delete my blog - again!

Barbee' said...

Hi Bernie,
I was wondering the same thing, but so far Blogger is just calling them "Old Blogger" and "New Blogger".

Buster says to tell Jade "Hi!" By the way, your link 'Jade Loves My Bed' is giving a cannot be found screen.

And, a belated Happy Birthday to you :)