Saturday, December 16, 2006

Little Miss Footballer

From this bundle of cutie-pie-ness....

.... to Little Miss Footballer!

What a transformation, don't you think? From angelic loveliness to football nutter, and all in the space of an hour!

Little Miss CB is football mad and was on her way out the door this morning for her weekly kick about when I took this pic. There are only two girls who attend the football (soccer) sessions. Sometimes the boys don't share the ball (mean nasty boy things!) but she does hold her own on the pitch.

Apart from Gymnastics this is the first thing she has really shown an interest in. Although she had to give up Gym to attend football, I don't think she was too disappointed about that - stretch jumps and bunny hops were never her favourite exercises in Gymnastics! But put on a pair of football boots and she'll happilly run around for a couple of hours no bother!!!

Have a Footie Christmas

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AR said...

Cute! Our boys played soccer when they were small. I even coached one year. We were undefeated!

**You Go Girl!!**