Thursday, April 12, 2007

ISE 4 - Yarn bought!

I just bought this yarn from e-bay. Looking at the yarn from here it doesn't really look all that appealing - almost sludgy. But the photo doesn't do it justice!

"It is a single-ply 100% merino wool, very finely spun to create a lace weight with subtle variations of colour. The yarn is of the highest quality. Because it has been handspun and dyed, there are some natural variations in the texture and colour. The colour is 'clova', a lovely mix of bordeau, olive and brown. It is very fine, very soft and silky to the touch."

(Ok, that's the blurb from the e-bay shop out of the way. )
I wanted to make an airy, floaty, lace weight scarf for my pal as she lives in a fairly 'tropical' climate. Although I've been a little distant from blogging lately, I have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, researching yarns and patterns, stalking my pal's blog, and generally getting inspired by all the fab scarves being made over at ISE4.

I thought this yarn would lend itself to a simple pattern, so as not to distract from the colour variations. I chose this pattern - Morello - which is a simple wave stitch. The picture above is of a different colourway, one that I personally would have been happy with, but my pal prefers more earthy tones.
I do hope I don't change my mind like I did last time on ISE3. I promised myself that I would stay focused this time round!!! My new mantra for ISE is 'No more starting multiple scarves' (repeat 100 times when you get the urge to wander!)

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jae said...

Ignoring all the possiblities is the hardest part of a swap like ISE. The yarn for your pal looks gorgeous. I'm sure she'll love it!