Thursday, May 24, 2007

Clay Charms

I made these dinky little clay charms this afternoon. A friend of mine wanted a clay pendant for a party tomorrow night so after rustling that up I simply had to carry on playing with the clay. Afterall, it's not every day we get it out in our house.

This is my first successful attempt at making small clay objects and charms using Makins Clay. From the top we have two little critters awaiting decoration (the Green and Yellow faceless thingies); four donuts - choccy woccy creamy toppy, strawberry vanilla sundae, simply chocolate, and banana w/cream cheese frosting; and two blue and white purses! Enjoy. Lol!

Makins Clay is an air drying polymer clay and takes about 24 hours to cure. I bought a multi pack last year which included the primary colours plus green, black and white, and we have only begun playing with it recently. It does dry out rather quickly, but as the pieces were particularly small, they would be inclined to do so. Thankfully you can use water to rescue this clay as it dries out.

In the past I have used Fimo, which I prefer. It's really amazing how long Fimo lasts. I made a Millefiore cane which I have kept in my Fimo box for nearly 2 years! And of course, you can keep remodelling it until you are ready to bake it. I'll post more piccies as I finish things off.

I'm off to bed for an early night now. I've got Little Miss CB hanging round my neck so toodles to you all. Time to have some cuggles!!!


Carol said...

Thanks for coming by!:) They really look like doughnuts! (as we call them) You should really have an Etsy shop. They would make great stitch markers. I have a clay drawer too & yes, thank goodness FIMO lasts a long time!

Carrie said...

Oh my gosh, I love those wee little things! The purse and donuts - so cute! You are way talented =)

Michelle said...

Those charms are just too cute!

AR said...

Those are really cute, great job!

jae said...

Those are adorable! What are they going to become? stitch markers? jewelry?