Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Stitch Marker & Yarn Swap (questionnaire)

My favorite colors:
Pinks & reds, Blues, Browns, Purple/lilac, Olive & earthy tones

My not so favourite colours:
Yellow, Bright Orange, Bright Green,

My hobbies:
Crafting, Some Gardening and Sewing.

My kitchen theme and colors:
No theme as we haven't redecorated since we moved to this house. I have a colour scheme in mind using fresh colours such as - blue or turquoise, cream or beige, with a red accent perhaps...

My bathroom theme and colors:
Neutral - beige tiles, pine bath panel & accessories

My dislikes:
Vanilla candles - eugh! and rough mohair (the soft and fluffy stuff is ok!)

My crafts:
Crocheting, Knitting, Sewing, Wet Felting, Cardmaking & other paper crafts, Beading (jewellery making and seed bead weaving), Scrapbooking, Napkin Decoupage, Quilling, Embroidery & Cross Stitch, Making Flower Fairies (http://www.fairystuff.blogspot.com), Dyeing yarn,

My allergies:
I have eczema so I can't knit or wear cheap and nasty acrylic although some acrylic/wool blends are ok though.

My favorite pet:
My kitty, the sweet and lovely mademoiselle Jade. Jade is a rescue cat and is now 4. She is very chatty and playful and has only just this winter started to sit on our knees rather than beside us on the sofa. Yay!

My favorite scents:
Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lavender, Bergamot, Christmas Spices,

Other stuff about me and things I want to learn to do:
I am a chocoholic and adore milk chocolate and praline. Yum yum.

I am a magpie at heart and love beads and shiny objects. I am not afraid to take apart old jewellery if I see beads that I like!

I want to learn how to use a drop spindle and spin some wool this year. Not that I need another hobby but it would be fun to understand how it all works.

I also want to make my first complete pair of socks this year. I had a go last year and quite enjoyed working with the DPNs but I never finished them. Maybe I should invest in a book???

I wish I could go fabric shopping (we don't have a huge selection of fabric shops here on the island). I like to mix different prints and tend to recycle old clothes etc to get the look I want.. If I could go to a large department store or a specialist fabric shop I would buy blue or brown fabric with white or pink polka dots, pink/brown ditsy floral print fabric, and a coordinating stripe fabric in blue/white or red/white.

I love to felt and really need to restock my wool pile. It doesn't have to be expensive wool. As long as it felts I could put it towards a bag or tote. I buy my wool from the local charity shops to keep the cost down. But every now and then I'll treat myself to some lovely wool from knitshop.co.uk.

I collect silk flowers from charity shops and recycle them to make my flower fairies. It would be nice to be buy some silk flower petals rather than taking apart old silk flowers as it can be a dirty and dusty job!

I enjoy making dens with my daughter and I would love to have a cottagey/vintage floral corner in my garden, with fabric buntings and floaty fabrics.

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Carol said...

Very cool getting to "know" you a little better:) I've been out of it a little too long, I'm just getting caught up on my reading. You have very nice taste:)