Thursday, May 10, 2007

ISE4: Package Arrived! YAY!!!

My ISE4 package arrived today. And boy what a package! I have been truly spoiled!Thank you Tammy from lavendarknits.blogspot.comThe scarf is absolutely perfect and it will get plenty of use. Even Little Miss CB likes it and that's saying something. The colours are just perfect and it drapes beautifully. I hope the photos show how pretty it really is. It was very difficult to capture its true beauty all by myself.

And check out the sock yarn! How much does that rock!!! I have definitely got to make ME a pair of socks now. Stuff the kid - she can make do with her opal yarn!

Basically, I love everything that Tammy has sent me. From the Stitch Markers to the Choccie-Wockey-Doodahs it was a lovely treat. Especially as I have been feeling like cr*p this past week with the dreaded 'lurgy!

Thanks Mommybird

Lots of love (and happy knitting!)


Piglottie said...

What a stunning parcel Bernie, you lucky thing! I adore the scarf, its so pretty and suits you really well. Is that STR Fire on the Mountain? I have some of that and the colours are gorgeous.

Craftybernie said...

Well spotted Piglottie!! It is STR Fire on the Mountain!!! Katie really loves the colours. I can't wait to use it but have a a few (ahem) UFOs to attend to first!