Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Captain Underpants: He's Alive!

It's been 8 months since we played the Captain Underpants Name Change Game! SO it's time to dust off the cobwebs and resurrect him for a third installment. You know you love it!!! Just follow the instructions below and post your new name in the comments section. Easy! There's no prizes. It's just for a laugh!

Contributions from previous participants include Stinky Gizzard Chunks (thanks Arleta), Stinky Gerbil Buns (thanks Piglottie), Snotty Pickle Tush (thanks Sharon), and Greasy Toilet Tush (thanks Fitknit). I myself am Lumpy Toilet Chunks and I wear this name with gusto!

Use the first letter of your first name to determine your new first name:
A = stinky B = lumpy C = buttercup D = gidget E = crusty F = greasy G = fluffy H = cheeseball I = chim-chim J = poopsie K = flunky L = booger M = pinky N = zippy O = goober P = doofus Q = slimy R = loopy S = snotty T = icky U = dorkey V = squeezit W = oprah X = skipper Y = dinky Z = zsa-zsa

Use the first letter of your surname to determine your new middle name:
A = diaper B = toilet C = giggle D = bubble E = girdle F = barf G = lizard H = waffle I = cootie J = monkey K = potty L = liver M = banana N = rhino O = burger P = hamster Q = toad R = gizzard S = pizza T = gerbil U = chicken V = pickle W = chuckle X = tofu Y = gorilla Z = stinker

Use the last letter of your surname to determine your new surname:
A = head B = mouth C = face D = nose E = tush F = breath G = pants H = shorts I = lips J = honker K = butt L = brain M = tushie N = chunks O = hiney P = biscuits Q = toes R = buns S = fanny T = sniffer U = sprinkles V = kisser W =squirt X = humperdinck Y = brains Z = juice

If you're too lazy to work it out for yourself, you can visit the Name Change Game homepage where Professor Poopypants will work out your new name for you free of charge!


Captain Underpants Name Game
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Lyndsey-Jane said...

Booger Monkey Face signing in for duty! What fun!

Craftybernie said...

Here's a few more:

My husband is - Cheeseball Waffle Chunks

My daughter is - Flunky Potty Chunks.

I guess we're the 'Chunks' family. Doesn't it make you sick! :) LOL

wendy said...

i do love Captain Underpants and am gleefully introducing him to each of my nephews and god-children as they get to an appropriate age.

love from Oprah Toiletsniffer & her husband Poopsie