Monday, June 25, 2007

Beading - Pink Stitch Markers **UPDATED 16.07**

EDIT 16.07.07:

THE Beaded stitch markers were sent to Monique, along with some wool, felted soap, a homemade book mark and a packet of fancy hankies, as part of the stitch marker & yarn swap over on crochetholic debbs swap blog.

I was actually Monique's angel as she didn't receive her package. I only hope this made up for her less than perfect swap, especially as she sent me such a lovely package!!

I made these stitch markers for someone special the other day.

The glass/crystal beads are recycled from a candle garland I had from a few years back and the sequins are from the craft room jar!

The small pink pearlescent beads were a freebie with this months Quick & Crafty magazine. I love pink! And to finish it off I threaded a ribbon rose onto the safety pin. I can't reveal who these are for at the moment but I will soon.


Carrie said...

Those stitch markers are SO pretty! It makes me want to do something nice for a friend. I love the little touch of the fabric rose.

Carol said...

You are so clever. You should have your won shop you know! How did I miss so many posts?