Friday, June 01, 2007

Cat stuff: Mademoiselle Jade in the garden

Time for some gratuitous cat photos. Presenting Mademoiselle Jade as featured in the garden this morning.

Tickle My Tum Oooh, that's it.  Just there... Jade likes buttercups Too Hot!

We like to build dens and apparently, Mademoiselle Jade likes it when we build dens too. As soon as we get our bamboo poles and blankets out she goes bonkers. Wish I could get a video of her behaving like a lunatic in the grass - it's hilarious! Enjoy.


Laura said...

Jade is quite the queen, as I can see! :)

I love cat pics, don't you? I must put a few on my blog since I seem to take so many of my 2 felines.

Carrie said...

Awww, what a sweet kitty. I wish I could have a cat. Too many allergies in our family, but yours is sure cute!

Carol said...

Why is it that when cats see the camera they instantly start rolling? It's like the know it's all about them!

Swarovski beads said...

Great cat pics, she has beautiful markings. A real pretty cat. also get cat fur allergies else would love to have a cat.