Friday, June 01, 2007

Sewing: Cat Print Fabric for Needle Rolls

Check out these FQs I bought earlier this week from Fiddlesticks Fabrics on e-bay. Aren't these the cutest 'chic' cat prints ever? I should be able to make quite a few needle holders with this pretty lot.

This batch is called KITTY CAT MEOW and is available in the pink/black combo, below, and also a blue/black combo which is equally delightful.

The second theme is called PARIS CATS and is available in the pink/rose tones, below, and also a blue combo.

I would have happily bought them all!!!

The plan is to use a printed fabric for the front of each needle roll, with a plain contrasting fabric for the main lining, using some of the matching/coordinating prints to make the inside pocket! I'm hoping they will make nice presents to include with swap/exchange packages.

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AR said...

Those fabrics will make such cute needles rolls.