Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ISE4 - My pal has her package!!!

(Edited 21.06.07 - now with photos)

Phew. Again, a sigh of relief. And a shriek of happiness. My ISE4 pal, ekittie has received her scarf and goodies.

I don't have the pictures to show you what I sent as Mr CB has the camera (in case I haven't mentioned it like a million times this week)

Here's a list of what I included (I pinched the photos from ekittie's website - teeheehee):

1) Backyard Leaves scarf (wrapped in some fab tissue paper I bought locally but was made in America funnily enough!)

2) Felted kitty knitting pattern bought from CraftyAlien

3) Stitch markers incl kitty charm

4) Hemp, glass bead & findings

5) 100% wool for felted kitty toy

6) 100% cashmere sock yarn hand dyed on the Isle of Man

And that concludes the ISE4 for me. I've had a wonderful experience again this year. I've learned how to read a lace chart, and lots more besides. Can't wait for next one.

Have a nice summer ISE4 swappers!

1 comment:

ekittie said...

Oooooh!! The mystery yarn is for the pattern! That is really really thoughtful of you. :D

Thanks again for everything. <3 <3