Sunday, June 17, 2007

Needle Felting (not another craft Bernie?)

Yes, Needle Felting. Yes, another craft. Or at least, more of a dabble really. Do you find that crafts overlap in more ways than one? I would never have considered this 12 months ago but it has got to be the most fun and relaxing craft that I have done to date (well, apart from knitting of course) ---:). Plus it is very affordable to do (the two needles, handle and foam pad set me back less than a fiver including postage!).

I mean, what else are you supposed to do with your leftover wool roving, the best part of which you shared with your lovely little daughter, except to perhaps Needle Felt. Actually, Spinning would probably be my first choice but A) I don't have a spindle, and B) if I did i wouldn't know what to do with it.

I digress. Back to the needle felting. I'm working on something super top secret and hush hush at the moment and....... Oh, speaking of which, do you ever find that when you read this on a crafter's blog it usually means they have a book in the pipeline or they are going to be published with a popular e-zine? Yes? No? Well, that's not the case here (had you going there for a minute though didn't I). Stick with me and check out these piccies of my first real needle felting project.

This is the result of a morning and afternoon spent playing with the left overs from yesterday's felting fun. I've also incorporated other fibres with the wool roving and my yarn scraps bag came in very handy for this when I needed just a bit of 'green' or a little bit of 'pink', a smidgen of blue, etc.. (You get the idea).

I can't say much more about this project except it was fun and it really is part of a gift for someone special. Yet another swap pal I hear you say? Well, actually, yes but I've gone of on a slight tangeant with this project and have tackled it in a rather unorthodox way but all will be revealed in a couple of weeks.

BTW, did you know that felting needles have these little 'barbs' on the shaft? No? Neither did I until I ordered a couple on the internet the other day. And all I could think was what the hell am I doing with these lethal weapons. Obviously it's not as intimidating as the instructions but it does pack a prick or two when you accidentally but rather enthusiastically poke yourself in the finger once or thrice!

PS poor quality images due to webcam as digital camera is with him-from-indoors in Spain this week. Harumph! :(


gilraen said...

Georgeous Bernie!!!! I've been admiring needle felting for ages......lovely finished product. :D

Piglottie said...

Bernie thats wonderful! I cant believe its a first attempt. And agree with you on the lethal weapon thing - the needles have very sharp barbs! I saw a lot of needle felting at Woolfest last year, some of the stuff was amazing.

Carrie said...

I love needle felting! My mom and I felt little clutch purses, then needle felt Kokopellis or suns and such on them - cute! It's a very creative and relaxing aspect of wool. Your bag is very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It's great!!!