Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tutorial: How to cover buttons with fabric

There are kits available especially for this but being the thrifty crafter that I am, I decided to cover some from my button box and spend the money on some fabric.

Lots of people who do this swear by the buttons with the little shank on the back as they're easier to sew onto projects. I think the kits also use this type of button. I just use whatever I can get my grubby little mits on!

First of all, choose your buttons and your fabric. If using random buttons from your button box, make sure the colour/texture isn't going to be visible through the fabric. Equally, when choosing fabric, you need something soft enough to gather and fold around your button and one that doesn't fray too easily. You don't have to use the same fabric as your project - you can always use a co-ordinating one instead.


Draw around your button onto some card, add a few millimeters to the circumference and cut this out.

Place the cardboard disc onto the fabric and cut around. It doesn't have to be perfect as the edges/hem will be tucked in under the button, against the project. If using fabric with a floral print, for example, you might want to pick out a particular bloom or colour. So think about where you place the disc on the fabric before cutting out.

Using strong thread - embroidery floss, quilting thread etc.., anchor the thread to the fabric disc and sew little running stitches around the circumference of the circle, about 3mm in from the edge (kind of like making fabric yo-yo's). Again, it doesn't have to be perfect!!

Place your button in the centre of the fabric disc and gently pull the thread to gather the fabric up around the button. Make sure you don't cover the shank or button holes with the fabric.

Anchor the fabric in place by adding a few random stitches to the gathered fabric at the back of the button. Sew in place on your project, Et Voila!

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Sunfire said...

Thanks - that's exactly what I've been looking for. I am fed up trying to find new buttons for the grandkids clothes - they love fancy buttons - and I have a huge box of assorted buttons.