Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sewing: Pincushions

I made this green pincushion below using 2 x 4" squares of fabric and 4 x 2" wide pieces of fabric for the sides. It's just a prototype so I didn't use any of my fancy shmancy new fabric - I'm saving those for swaps and presents.

Since making this one, I'm now able to sew corners fairly well, so can make the squashed square pinsushion using the two 4" squares and just one long strip of fabric 2" wide for the sides.

I covered the buttons for the front and back of the cushion to add some colour. The button fabric is (you guessed it) recycled from a blouse that was never worn. I used the ties from the back of the blouse to embellish the cushion, and cut the small circles of fabric out of a patterned piece.

Here is another finished pincushion and two waiting to be stuffed. They're just basic, made from two squares stitched together - as you can see they're not of the squashed square variety. Does anybody recognise some of the fabrics?

I added a teaspoon of dried lavender to these when I stuffed them with fibrefill, and they can be used as pincushions or just to snuggle up with when relaxing (just remember to remove the pins before snuggling!)

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jae said...

I'm going to have to share this with my friend, Shannon. She is always sewing crafty things and this is something she would love.