Monday, October 22, 2007

Sewing, knitting & winter craft projects

Looks like two crafting activites for the long winter nights ahead have been sorted.

Little Miss CB is now happily plodding along with stocking stitch and has started to chart basic knit patterns for 6" squares. She's also discovered the joy of knitting with quality wool and not those 50p balls of crappy acrylic yarn that I started her off with. Yarn snob! Hopefully we'll come up with a few squares between us for a blankie or throw. (I'd be glad with a cushion but she's an ambitious child and one doesn't want to quash her enthusiasm!)

Darling daughter has also expressed an interest in learning how to embroider. I can't remember exactly how old I was when I learned, but I was probably a big younger than she is, based on where we were living at the time.

And here's the pick of embroidery transfers that will get us through the dreaded dark months. I scored these off e-bay a few weeks ago and thankfully they've been released from their postal prison. There's a mixed bag of embroidery threads still captive in the postal system and hopefully that will arrive before too long.

Most of them appear to be reusable and they are all in perfect condition. The one piece which really intrigues me is the one to the top right. It appears to be a combined embroidery / applique transfer. I'm not sure how to go about it as there's no instructions (the only downside to not having the original magazines that these patterns were featured in). But it will be fun trying to figure it out. An interesting creative puzzle to mull over.

I also had to have this cream square table cloth with the crinoline lady. It was a moment of blind nostalgia and resembled one of the first pieces I ever worked on.

Who knows, when we emerge from the darkness in Spring we should have a few nice knit and embroidered pieces to share with the world. Guess that means it's almost time to go into crafting hibernation! lol.

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