Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pain is such a PAIN!

OMG I am in so much pain at the moment I want to cry!!! I've reached that stage where you get out of a chair issuing a mouthful of expletives as you exhale with the effort! You know the one: "holyfuckingshitjesuschristalmighty" (sorry but it's true).

BTW, I am issuing a READER BEWARE. From this point forward, you are likely to suffer from an extreme bout of 'down in the dumps' so read on at your peril.... Seriously, chocolate will not help you this time. You've been warned!

It doesn't help that I put on even more weight during 2007 which, in retrospect, was a fairly good indication that it was a bad year physically (& mentally) - the lack of exercise and mobility has taken its toll on my body. So on top of the original 3 stone that I should have lost sometime in the last decade, I've now got another 2 stone to contend with.

There. I've said it. Now I guess that makes it real - real enough to want to do something about it. I HAVE TO LOOSE at least 5 STONE, (but I'd be happy with 2!!) I really don't want to be discussing this in 4 years time when I'm forty!

The extra weight hasn't done my knees any favours either. The pain and swelling in my legs gradually got worse and worse during the latter half of 2007 but thankfully I can wear shoes (or boots) again from time to time.

My only saving grace over the past 5 years was that I could at least kneel or sit on the floor to play with Little Miss CB. Sadly that's no longer enough as she wants to play football at every given moment. I wish I could play with her more. If it wasn't for the crafting we do together, there wouldn't be that much to do at all. I never considered it before but I guess that's why she's so keen to have a go at the crafty stuff I do as it's 'our thing'.

I'm not going to dwell on any more negative stuff this evening. Afterall, I need something to do tomorrow night too. I'm off to do some more knitting on my bag for the 'Round Robin' on the CTnY forum.

Have a pain free evening folks.... and send me some virtual hugs or positive karma if you get a moment. xx


Carol said...

Aww Bernie, poor baby. You have all my good thoughts and karma. Wish there were something I could do. I must say, I love the way you cuss! I just wish I could take away the reason you have to.

Rositta said...

Sending some good vibes your way. I know all about whining, I've done my fair share of it this past year....ciao:)

Piglottie said...

*Gentle hugs* Oh Bernie! I can sympathise with you as I have put weight on and know it doesn't help with my back problems, but its a bit of a catch 22. In pain and having health problems is not condusive to exercise, and then munching doesnt help. I've found lately that just trying to stick to 3 set meals a day is helping - cutting out the snacking can make a huge difference. But then again, dont listen to me as like you, I've been trying to shed some weight for the previous 5 years without much success. Am thinking of you hun.

Anonymous said...

So sorry, Bernie! I'll try to spoil you with things other than food when I send your scarf (which should be soon), like at the end of this week.

Scarf Angel

Deborah said...

sending lots of warmth and happy tidings. Hope you feel better enough to pass the time with crafty goodness.