Friday, January 18, 2008

Dishcloth Swap

January's Dishcloth swap is under way, the first swap of the year on the Crafty Threads n Yarn forum. Here's the dishcloth that I received from my secret spoiler....

.... together with a generous bar of coconut soap - yum!

I'm having great fun knitting up dishcloths and have just finished my 4th one this month. Aren't they addictive!!! I can't reveal my ones just yet as I don't want to spoil the surprise for my dishcloth swap pal. But all will be revealed soon though!

As per usual, Little Miss CB has jumped on the bandwagon and is churning out her own dishcloth as we speak. Bored with knitting scarves and swatches, she needed something more challenging to work on. And as expected, she's taken to knitting on dpns like she takes to everything else. Is there nothing this child can't do?

She was off sick earlier this week for a couple of days again, this time with an upset tummy. We're not sure what's causing it but it might be a food allergy (namely chocolate :( which she is not terribly happy about). But it seems to be settling down again. Anyway, this is what she did on one of her days off...

Enjoy the photos and I'll reveal my spoiler just as soon as I find out who it is!! ;)


Rebekah said...

The dishcloth looks wonderful. I love the shape of it not the usual square.

Craftybernie said...

Thanks hun!

It's from the Mason Dixon book - obviously not the ballband pattern but the other one further along in the book.

You can thread some ribbon through the eyelets on the outside edge, then pull closed so it gathers together like a little gift bag.

It's a very versatile way to give a gift!

Speak to you soon

xx Bernie xx