Saturday, March 29, 2008

ISE6 - Yarn Purchased

The yarn I ordered before Easter arrived yesterday, all beautifully wrapped and packed. Two yarn cakes of 4ply merino sock yarn from Sarah (Gemini Knits) in various shades of blue, blue and blue!

Sarah is lovely and extremely helpful, even winding the skeins into lovely center pull balls for me (I really don't enjoy winding skeins of 4ply yarn by hand off the back of a chair!)

Blue seems to be the dominant colour on the ISE6 blog so far and I'm amazed at the progress some people have already made!

Now, as per usual, I will be 'umming' and 'awing' for the next few days trying to decide which colourway to use for my pal's scarf. Time to knit me some swatches!


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