Wednesday, April 02, 2008

With Wool Winder I Wound Wool!!!

It's the little things in life that make me happy. Grape Hyacinths in Spring; Little Miss CB's sleeping face; yarncakes. YARNCAKES??? Yup. Yarncakes! I love yarncakes. They're just so darn pretty!

Anyway, I got off to a shaky start due to a slight technical hitch with the winder. See the photo? The grey and white cogs aren't meshing at all and they should be. I bent the metal bar with my pliers so that the grey cog tipped forward to touch the white one and this fixed the problem.....

.....and as you can see from the pretty yarncake, it's working fine now. Sigh! Isn't she lovely. :)

So big thanks to some extremely helpful online friends with the same model. They took the time to take photos and post them online so that I could compare their model to mine. Thanks ladies!

Time to wind me some wool. I think Katie and I shall be fighting over who gets to crank the handle! ;)


Rositta said...

Very lovely, I have one too. Since I don't have my Mom's hands any more I had to get one of those, miss the hands though...ciao

Karen said...

Hello, I just happened upon your blog and saw your woolwinder. My mum recently cleaned up her very old, very dirty, long forgotten woolwinder for me and I love it. Just wanted to say I can understand your joy!