Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Have Wool Winder... Will Wind Wool

Yay! My Wool Winder arrived this morning. I bought it off ebay for a tenner at the weekend. Finally I can wind my beautiful skeins into pretty yarncakes.

I had intended to buy one at auction but I got so impatient waiting for the auctions to end and after being out bid on a few occasions I asked nay begged Mr CB if I could just buy one. He obliged, naturally!!! ;) (hmm, what's he after?)

Off to wind some wool now. You may not see or hear from me for quite a while (unless it all goes horribly wrong and I end up in a tangled fibery mess). Anything is possible so fingers crossed!

1 comment:

Kookie said...

Flipping heck Bernie, I think you out bid ME for that one!! LOL I'm still trying to successfully bid : )