Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hast it really been 2 years?

Crikey. I hadn't realised that it has been so long since I posted. I've been in a pretty bad funk these last 18 months or more, due to both my physical pain and deteriorated mental health resulting from the relentless pain! Hard to explain this to anybody who hasn't really suffered in the same way: picture if you will, a bear with a sore head, chinese water torture and a good poke in the eye and it barely touches the surface of my day to day nonsense. But hey-ho, that's life!

There is some hope. I've recently started on some new meds so hopefully I won't be such a miserable cow and will enjoy going out more. I have continued to craft these past few years but haven't felt like sharing, talking, socialising etc.. with anybody. Even Mr CB and the 'notsolittle' Little Miss CB have been 'spared' my company outside of the house but I'm trying my best to rectify this while I'm in a positive frame of mind. Even joining a club/guild might be within reach! Steady on girl.

Speaking of going out...The Manx Bay Festival is on this coming weekend and we three are going to see the X Factor/Britain's Got Talent show. Can't wait! Wish I could manage to see the some of the other acts too but I know my limitations.

The recent sunshine on the Island has been a real boost. Although I'm not a fan of heat (living in Spain for 6 years was enough for me thank you very much!) I have been out in the garden as much as I can tolerate and have finally lost that deathly anaemic pale thing I had going on. Looks cool when you're 16 but not so good when you're approaching the big 40!

Finally finished planting the last of the plants that Mr CB and Little Miss CB bought about 6 weeks ago - between us we potted up 6 planters with Geraniums, Nicotinia, Petunias & Begonias, and even managed to squeeze 3 small hanging baskets with the last few plants. In days gone by I would have completed this in a weekend (perhaps) and although the slow progress has been frustrating (much like typing on this poxy keyboard - hate it) the hard work is done and the plants are beginning to flower. Nice!

So there you have it. I may post again soon if I feel up to it. I may not. Just taking each day as it comes for now. Definitely an improvement on taking each day hour by hour.

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Lyndsey-Jane said...

Sorry you've being awful, I can completely empathise as going thorugh relentless pain and the resulting crabbyness, frustration etc that goes with it. I hope the new meds help and the sunshine makes you want to venture out - I know it does me. Take Care