Sunday, June 20, 2010

Manx Bay Festival June 2010

Just back from Sunday afternoon at the Manx Bay Festival. It was FAB! We three are all absolutely knackered but it was well worth it!

The dance acts were amazing (Signature, Stavros Flatley, Diversity) and the singers equally enjoyable (Eoghan Quigg, Danyl Johnson, Ruth Lorenzo and Olly Murs). Sadly George Sampson couldn't make it due to illness so DJ Ironik stood in for him. DJ Ironik is slightly out of my musical comfort zone but still a good time was had by all.

Voiceover man from the X Factor, Peter Dickinson, presented the acts and was quite entertaining - I was hoping to report that he had been RUDDY HILARIOUS but there was something missing. He didn't do enough talking with his 'voiceover' voice and imho spoke too long in between the acts.

So that's that. After all the hype and build up over the past few weeks and months, it's finally over, gone (well technically it's not over until tonight as the 80's show is on now, but as we're not going to be there bopping away to Rick Astley and Boy George, it's over. Finito.)

I can't wait to listen to the radio tomorrow to hear the feedback and comments from people. Plus it'll be a laugh to hear the DJ's talking with croaky voices. I wonder what Alex Brindley sounds like with a husky voice. He certainly looks quite delish in the flesh, so to speak!!!

Night night folks. x

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