Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Felted Purple Tote

This is a little tote I worked on using dark lilac 100% wool, some scraps of purple/pink toned wool/angora/acrylic mix wool and some Wendy Shimmer 'Candyfloss' around the border and flap of the bag. The handles are 'i' cords. I think it is quite cute.

Note of caution, when I added the fancy wool around the edge I used a double thickness and this made the top of the bag particularly baggy. As a result, the rest of the bag felted very well but you could still see the stitch definition of the rim. I re-felted the bag and used a nail brush to scrub the rim of the bag to try and break down the fibres of the wool. It seems to have worked.

FYI- I used a packet of 'lady sanitary products' wrapped in plastic bags to 'block' the bag while wet. I find the aforementioned products very useful for this purpose owing to the density yet maleability of the contents. I would like to emphasise that the packet should be placed inside a plastic bag before use otherwise you are likely to end up with hugely inflated ladies thingies - on the other hand, I might have stumbled onto a new and innovative way to dry out felted bags......

Thank you for looking. Bernie

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El Hijo, The Student said...

Absolutely disgusting and wonderful at the same time.