Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Felted Square Bag Update

Well, I've finally done it. I must admit I was terrified at first. Who'd have thought that felting could strike fear into someone. Now I know what my greatest weapon in my crafting arsenal is - 'Felting'. It's hot, hard, sweaty, horrendous work, but the results are surprisingly cool! However a word of warning, if you suffer in any way, mild or otherwise, from back, limb or joint pain, I recommend using the washing machine for the felting bit. I'm in bloody agony!

Here is the pre felted picture:

The process:

There I was, armed, in the bathroom with plunger in hand. I leaned over the bath looking at my weapons of torture - rubber gloves, bucket of boiling hot water and one of cold, soap powder, handful of plum sized stones, nail brush, lots of towels and plenty of elbow grease.

I nervously plunged my knitted square stripey bag into the depths of the manual washing machine and began mercilessly to plunge and swish and mix and mush. It was every mother's nightmare, towels strewn across the floor, water sloshing up and down the sides of the bath, powder scattered like pixie dust and me plunging away for a good half hour. If only me mother could see me now. Thankfully I am a grown up now and can make as much mess as I want.

The post felting picture:

After wringing it out and giving it a good bashing in a very thirsty towel, I stuffed the now wet felted bag with all manner of things to give it it's shape (video tapes, table mats, ice blocks from cooler bag - all covered in plastic bags to protect them of course). It's in the airing cupboard now, drying out, I hope. It'll no doubt take a while to dry out but I'm praying it will be in my lifetime. When it's done I shall post a completed picture to show off my achievement.

Thanks for sharing my first felting experience with me.

Best wishes to you all....Bernie

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El Hijo, The Student said...

I never knew crafts could be such an adventure. Makes me want to buy a glue gun.

Musicknitter said...

Lovely bag!
Did your house smell like wet wool when you finished? I do all my felting in the washer and it still smells like wet wool - I can't imagine how it would smell if it weren't in the washer.