Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I love Debbie Abrahams!

I was prowling through my craft magazines looking for inspiration when I stumbled upon an article about the knitwear designer Debbie Abrahams. I love this 'fish bag' and her blankets and throws are fab-u-lous!

I absolutely adore the way she combines knitting and beads. She also designs ceramic buttons, which you can purchase from her site.

There doesn't seem to be any kits/patterns available on her site at the moment: they're coming up sold out but she does have some cute little bags for sale.

So, that's two more books to add to my Christmas list. Gosh, it's getting longer and longer.... almost as long as my knitting to do list! Lol!


Sharon said...

Books are just as big a weakness as wool.

AR said...

That bag is so cute! My daughter loves fish.