Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sinex is a girl's best friend...

... and vicks vaporub, and olbas oil, and water, and bed!

Whoever said diamonds were a girl's best friend was wrong. They obviously never felt like crrrrrrr-ap!

It's official. I've got something rotten. Everything hurts: my throatie woatie is scratchie watchie and I'm exhausted. I go to one stinking party a week ago on Friday and one last Saturday, have a great time and BANG, this is my reward!

How could this happen 4 days before Christmas! Grrr! I still have a scarf to finish. At this rate the giftee will be receiving this as a new year's present. So many things to do that can't be done! Harumph!

If anybody needs me, I'll be in my bed. Leave a message after the beep. BEEP!


Artis-Anne said...

Oh No poor you ; seems like a lot of folks are having this awful cold. Hope you feeling beter soon

Piglottie said...

Oh Bernie, what a rotten time to fall ill! I hope you feel better soon, and that the joys (traumas?) of Beta have helped. I've decided to tag you so if you fancy finding out what its all about, check out my latest blog post.

AR said...

Hope you feel better soon! :)