Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stitch Marker & Yarn Swap - (2)

My pal in the Stitch Marker & Yarn Swap, which was arranged by Debb, was Judy of JAG bag fame!!!

Her package finally arrived across the pond in record 'slow' time. I was beginning to panic as I've sent many packages across to America in recent months and they've barely taken a week. This one took over two!!!

Well, now that everything has arrived safely, I can reveal what I made and sent to Judy:

Clockwise from the top: Fridge Magnet, Eskimo Wool (Garnstudio), Felted Mini Sock, Handmade Stitch Markers, Pouch for Bits'n'bobs, Highlighter pens, and a Scented Sachet.

The blue stitch markers have these little crochet covered beads that I made using embroidery thread/floss, a very small metal crochet hook and some plastic beads from Little Miss CB's stash!

The mini sock was made using odd bits of wool and the pattern from the mini sock blocker kit that I received from my ISE4 pal.

The pouch was made using blue fabric from stash and lined with a ladies hanky - I knew those hankies that I won at the xmas school fair would come in handy one day. And that's why crafters never throw away anything!!!

It's time to breathe a sigh of relief, for now, and start worrying after the package for my ISE4 pal which is still on it's way across the ocean. :)


Judy said...

Thank you Bernie for your wonderful assortment of goodies and your one of a kind stitch markers! I had so much fun opening my package from you. Thank you again !

Piglottie said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful gift Bernie! I love the stitchmarkers.

Btw, I've just visited Judy's blog and have about 5 more patterns to add to my want to knit list :)

Carol said...

Wow, you sure do make the lovliest things! The quality of your work is just the best!