Thursday, July 12, 2007

Felting: My own red roses

Continuing on from the blue felted flowers I made a couple of weeks ago, here's a few red ones which I think would make great corsages. They would also look nice embellishing a bag so I plan to mount them onto brooch pins.

I haven't embellished them yet as I quite like the woolly look and feel. Perhaps once they've been sitting looking at me for a couple of weeks, they'll tell me what they need! :)

This takes me up to two felted flower patterns - one knit & one crochet. I've been thinking of selling them on somewhere like Etsy, but I'm not sure whether to sell a booklet, each pattern individually, or to simply sell the corsages made up. The patterns would be easier and cheaper to sell/post. Hmmm... What do you think? As usual, your comments and feedback would be really appreciated.

We'll talk more about Craftybernie at Etsy soon....


Linda said...

The flowers are very pretty! I have a shop on ESTY and it is very difficult to get a following unless you are outgoing and sell yourself, which I am not good ate. Look around ESTY and see who are selling the felted flower and/or patterns and see how it is going with them. I am The felting Editor with Graft Gossip and look at ESTY for felters to write about.

This is my blog, just started this felting blog.

Look over the articles on all sorts of crafts covered.

Carol said...

It's about time! If you sold just the patterns, you'd have more design time. But it really depends on your mood I suppose, whether or not you wish to make the items or not. I think it's greand you're doing this!

Piglottie said...

Oh, I love the flowers Bernie! I think maybe offer both options - the finished flower, and the pattern and see how things go?