Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Swap: Dishcloth Swap on CTnY

I received my dishcloth a few weeks ago from Franney. And now my pal, Ladybird Linz has received hers.

I forgot to take a photo before I sent it and so I've pinched hers from the Forum. Sorry LBL! It's Yvonne's Double Dishcloth pattern and it's a free pattern available on the dishcloth boutique.

This was my first attempt at the Double Flower Dishcloth which I mucked up. And although my mistake is not obvious to the naked eye (and granted the dishcloth still looks fine) I wasn't happy with it and made another one in the hot pink. I'm glad I re-did it. Honestly, I'm not a perfectionist (much!)

I also enclosed a needle roll for LBL which was actually a prize for a draw I did back in November.

The fabric reminds me of ladybirds which I thought was perfect for this project. I also followed the ladybird/garden theme to the lining where I used a pretty floral print that I purchased off ebay before Christmas!

Inside the needle roll I included a highlighter pen (always useful!) and some wooden card toppers (not pictured).

I used Rowan Cotton Glace in a dark blue/denim colourway for the ties.

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