Friday, September 29, 2006


When does a project cross over from a WIP to a UFO?

I was doing my weekly(ish) tidy of my wool trolley and found the following projects either on the needles/hook, or waiting to be finished off:

1) Little Coco Bag (knit, felted): I-cord needed;

2) Lionbrand Self-Lined bag (knit, handle done): button & embellishments pending;

3) KraemerYarns Roundabout bag (knit, felted): strap to be knit & felted;

4) Brenda's Blankie by Berroco: 6 squares knit, 6 to go!

5) Ohhh,Bag Me KAL Intarsia bag (crochet, felted): strap to be attached;

6) Granny's No Square crochet bag (SnB): 6 more squares to crochet & put together;

7) Fat Bottom crochet bag (SnB): 2/3 way done;

8) ISE III crochet scarf (SnB): 1/3 way done;

I must add some of those WIP bars to my blog. I really didn't realise I had this many projects on the go. Then there's the list of things I want to make.

But me still wants more yarn! Aargh! Oh sorry, national 'talk like a pirate day' as last month....


AR said...

I wouldn't dare put any of those on my blog. People would notice that all I finish are socks and dishcloths and everything else I start, just slowly disappears.

Cindy G said...

Bernie, your blogs are great, I love the picture galleries. Wonderful bags, charming fairies and I love (!) the Port Erin pictures. What a beautiful, beautiful place.

Janice said...

I love your list and can relate! I get half way through one project and am 3 projects ahead in my mind of what I want to make! If only I could knit 24/7!

Knit on!